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Visit the Tuesday Evening Alkmaar Cheese Market and Beat the Crowds!

Cheese Carriers at the Alkmaar Cheese Market

There has been a Cheese Market on Friday mornings in Alkmaar for as long as most people can remember. And the details of the Friday market have been posted in every guidebook and on every website, so it is no secret why the Friday market attracts about 6000 visitors every week. 6000! That is a lot of people.

Tuesday Evening Alkmaar Cheese Market

However what is not so well known is the Tuesday evening Cheese Market. This is only the second year that there will be a market on Tuesday evenings and this year (2018) it is every Tuesday evening in July and August from 7pm – 9pm. Last Tuesday was the first one and it was considerably quieter than the Friday market. Plus the restaurants on the square have seating along one side of the market so you can watch the market with a comfy seat and a drink in hand! Or why not come a little earlier and have dinner as well? Another plus point for Tuesday's is that the weather is cooler in the evening. It can get incredibly hot standing amongst the crowd in the direct sun on a summer’s day!

Cheese Carriers at the Alkmaar Cheese Market

Someone asked me recently if the Tuesday market was the same as the Friday market. And the answer is yes, for the most part. It is a little smaller than the Friday market and some of the vendors that sell merchandise outside of the market are not there. However, the market is still opened in the same way and the Cheese Carriers are busy taking cheese back and forth through the square. If anything, it seems a little more relaxed, with the Cheese Carriers interacting more with the crowd. The Alkmaar Cheese Market is absolutely worth a visit and it is great that there is an option to see it on a Tuesday as well!

For the best Alkmaar Cheese Market experience, book an Alkmaar Tours Cheese Market and City Tour! Alkmaar Tours offers Friday morning Cheese Market Tours as well as Tuesday Evening Cheese Market Tours. Don’t take my word for it, check out Alkmaar Tours’ reviews on Trip Advisor and see for yourself!

Alkmaar Tours offers Alkmaar Cheese Market Tours as well as Alkmaar City Walking Tours

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