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An Evening Walk

Sometimes when I do tours, people are surprised to know that I live in Alkmaar. Perhaps they think I jump on the tourist bandwagon and that I am simply a visitor who happens to know a whole lot about Alkmaar. But they are wrong...I DO live here. In fact, I live in the centre of Alkmaar and I love it. I even know a thing or two about Alkmaar.

One of my favourite activities is walking around the centre on an autumn/winter evening and peeking into people's houses. Anyone who has been on a tour with me knows how much I enjoy this and even where my favourite street is. Don't worry, I don't stop and stare (promise!) but I do have a good ol' gander as I walk past. I say if it is dark outside and you are home with your lights on and your curtains open then it's fair game!

If you ever have taken a walk in the Netherlands on a dark evening then you know exactly what I am talking about. Back me up here people!

And of course the city is very pretty at night too. We currently have 'winter lights' up in the city which really cheers up a dark and sometimes gloomy evening. So while I cannot show you photos of Hans sitting in his livingroom watching TV (not that I have any...promise again!), I can show you some photos of Alkmaar on a recent evening walk. Enjoy!

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