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Record Breaking Cheese Tasting in Alkmaar

You know those guys in white who do that funny little shuffle and carry cheese at the Alkmaar Cheese Market? Well, on 17th June 2018 the Alkmaar Cheese Carriers are celebrating 425 years since the creation of the Cheese Carrier’s Guild! That’s a whole lot of history and tradition!

Alkmaar Cheese Carriers

And how do you think the Cheese Carriers will be celebrating? With cheese of course! A giant record breaking cheese tasting has been organised for 750 people on the Waagplein in Alkmaar (the current record is 561 tasters).

In order to participate, you must register ahead of time here. There is even a kids zone for the smaller cheese eaters among you! How many times can you say you were a part of a record breaking event? So don’t delay and REGISTER!

See you there!

Alkmaar Tours offers Alkmaar Cheese Market Tours as well as Alkmaar City Walking Tours

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