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Cheese Carrier Birthday Calendar’s for Sale!

The Alkmaar Cheese Carrier’s Guild is celebrating 425 years this year (wow!) and to commemorate it, they have made a funky birthday calendar. What is a birthday calendar you ask? A birthday calendar is not like a regular calendar that is tied to a particular year, but instead is a perpetual calendar where you can record the birthdays of your friends and family (cool idea, eh?). Birthdays are a big deal in the Netherlands and this is why birthday calendars are so important; you certainly wouldn’t want to be that one person who forgot Kees’ birthday.

You may also be wondering where you keep this unique calendar. Take a guess….it is somewhere you spend time in every day. The kitchen? The living room? The bedroom? Nope. The bathroom/toilet. You can check out all the upcoming birthdays while you sit and go about your business. Did I hear someone say ‘Ewwwwww’?

But I digress. The Cheese Carrier Birthday Calendar costs only €10 (plus postage) and can be shipped globally or they can be purchased locally in Alkmaar. Please send me an email if you are interested. They make a great souvenir or gift and once they are gone, they are gone!

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