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Tulip Season 2018 is Officially Open!

We've had some cold, cold weather here in the Netherlands. Remember all those photos of people skating on frozen Amsterdam canals? Well, the weather is finally warming up here and that can only mean one thing - the spring flowers are blooming! Hooray!

I have been out every few days scoping out the fields, peering down at small sad little plants and wondering if they will ever bloom. I was starting to think it was going to be May before we saw anything. But then I went out today and TA-DAAAAAAH! We have flowers! Can I just say how amazing it is to see fields in full bloom? I get excited every time I come across a new field. No two are the same. I don't think that there is anything better than cycling along the flowering fields in the warm sunshine. It is definitely the Netherlands at its finest.

Want to see the fields for yourself? Book an Alkmaar Tours Tulip and Spring Flower Fields Tour and let's go!

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