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Spring has Sprung!

I am sure no matter where in the world you are, you saw the recent photos of people skating on the frozen canals in Amsterdam. But fast forward less than a week later, the sun is out and above average temperatures are forecast for the whole of the Netherlands. Yay! This means one thing – Spring is here! Well, very nearly here. And with Spring comes the most spectacular time in the Netherlands – the endless fields of tulips and other flowers.

Spring 2017

Today was a glorious sunny day so I jumped on my bike and headed into the flower growing region located just outside of Alkmaar’s city centre to check out how the fields were coming along. There are only the tiniest of green shoots emerging, no doubt the plants have been hiding from our subzero weather and have been encouraged by yesterday’s rain and today's brilliant sun. The plants are so small it is even impossible to tell what type of plant is growing. Is it a tulip? A daffodil? An alium? Will they be red? Yellow? Purple? Oh the excitement! I expect that in a week’s time, the fields will be a bright green haze rather than the more wintry straw colour that they are at the moment. I will check again in a couple of weeks time so watch this space!

Spring 2017

Will you be in the Netherlands this Spring? Do you want to see the tulip fields? Book a tour! Starting at the end of March, Alkmaar Tours will be offering three cycling tours a week to see the flower fields. We will head out into the beautiful Dutch countryside and experience the beauty of the Netherlands in Springtime.

All of the tours offered by Alkmaar Tours are small group – meaning that there are a very limited number of spaces available. So BOOK NOW!

Alkmaar Tours offers Alkmaar City Walking Tours, Alkmaar Cheese Market Tours and Tulip and Spring Flower Bike Tours.

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