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NEW - Tulip and Spring Flower Fields Cycling Tours!

New for Spring 2018 – Tulip and Spring Flower Cycling Tours!

Tulip Field Near Alkmaar - 2017

Springtime in Holland is nothing short of magical. Have you ever gazed wistfully at a photo of a seemingly endless field of tulips wishing that you could experience it first hand? Well, here is your chance!

Daffodil Field Near Alkmaar - 2017

The absolute best way to see the flower fields are by bike and Alkmaar has a beautiful tulip and Spring flower growing region located just outside the city centre. The relatively flat countryside means cycling is fairly easy – even if you haven’t been on a bike in a while!

Join Alkmaar Tours on a Spring Flower Field Bike tour and see field after field of pure colour. We will meet in the centre of Alkmaar to pick up our bikes and then we will head off into the countryside, staying on dedicated cycle paths as much as possible. We will stop half way at a local café (drinks not included) where we will quickly rest and then set off back through the fields for home.

Alkmaar is only 35 mins from Amsterdam (by direct train) and the fields around Alkmaar are much quieter than the larger growing areas further south. The group sizes are kept small – only five participants per tour – so we can go at a pace that suits the group and no one is left trailing behind. Half day (3.5 hour) tours are only €35 plus €9 for the bike rental – a fabulous day trip from Amsterdam!

Tours can be booked online through the Alkmaar Tours website. Book now to secure your place!​

Check out some photos of tulip and other Spring flower fields located just outside Alkmaar (Photos taken 2017):

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