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Record Number of Visitors to Alkmaar's Cheese Market!

A record number of 169 000 visitors came to Alkmaar’s Cheese Market in 2017! An average of approximately 6 000 people visited each Friday morning Cheese Market. That’s a lot of people.

The Cheese Father is in charge of all the Cheese Carriers

Building on the success of the Friday market, an evening Cheese Market was also introduced in 2017. The evening market was held on eight Tuesdays throughout the Cheese Market season (April - Sept). The evening Cheese Markets were so successful that it has been decided to continue with the Tuesday market for 2018. Dates haven’t been released yet for next year’s Tuesday Evening Cheese Markets, so watch this space for more information!

Two Cheese Carriers

If you are planning on visiting Alkmaar’s Cheese Market in 2018, why not consider booking a tour? Not only will you get in depth information about the market, but you will also get a chance to wander the streets of this beautiful city and see that there is so much more to Alkmaar than cheese! Even on busy Cheese Market days, we will walk along streets and canals that are quiet and uncrowded. Why not check out my blog post Alkmaar - A Great Day Trip From Amsterdam and see just why you should see more of Alkmaar!

The Alkmaar Cheese Market Season for 2018 has been announced and confirmed. The Cheese Market will be held on Fridays from 31st March to 29th September from 10:00 – 13:00. Tuesday evening dates have not yet been released.


Alkmaar Tours offers top rated Private and Small Group Tours of Alkmaar’s medieval centre and the famous Alkmaar Cheese Market! For more information on the different tours, please visit the Alkmaar Tours Website.

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