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Canadian Sun Loungers in Alkmaar!

Alkmaar always surprises me with the effort that the city makes. Our lovely cheese town has beautiful planters in both the summer AND winter months, pretty twinkling lights that line the main streets in winter and a giant Christmas Tree in the centre of the Canadaplein every year. But now the city has gone one step further – we now have Canadian sun loungers on the Bolwerk (a walking path that runs along one end of the city).

Check out this cool chair by the stunning Molen van Piet

The chairs have been designed by Alkmaarder Jan Gunne and while they aren’t quite the typical Muskoka chair that is synonymous with Canadian lounging, they are still pretty cool! They swivel around so that you can always catch the sun (you can’t do that with a Muskoka chair) and they are located in some of Alkmaar’s most scenic spots.

If the chairs are a success, we may see more Canadese Ligstoelen (Canadian sun loungers) popping up around Alkmaar!

So bring a good book and a cold drink and enjoy the beautiful views!


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