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Alkmaar Tours - Small Groups, Maximum Fun!

As you may know, I started Alkmaar Tours recently. I have met with a lot of people over the last few months to try and get Alkmaar Tours out there. Many people I have spoken to think it’s a great idea, while others are very quick to tell me that other people are already doing this and my prices are too high.

Let me tell you a story:

Many years ago, I travelled to Cancun and I wanted to see Chichen Itza. There were two tour options – a tour for $90 and a tour for $120 (the only difference was the more expensive tour used a smaller bus). Thinking that I was already spending nearly $100 on a tour, I was not really wanting to shell out another $30, so I booked the cheaper tour. I got picked up very early in the morning and spent the first 1.5 hours going from hotel to hotel collecting people for the tour. It was beyond painful. And then after a long day of walking around in the sun, the same thing happened at the end of the day as we dropped everyone off! I was working for a tour operator at the time, and I made sure to tell everyone I helped with a trip to Cancun to always opt for the smaller bus as it is so worth that little bit more.

This is why I limit the group sizes unless someone has booked a Private Tour. On the Alkmaar Cheese Market Tour and the Alkmaar City Tour, the maximum number of participants is 6. Six! We can walk together, talk together. There is time to stop and take photos. You will hear what I am saying and get to ask questions if you like. There are no earpieces, no umbrella up in the air for you to follow in case you can’t see me. Yes, perhaps it is a bit more expensive than the larger group tours, but it’s worth it. And, it's also considerably cheaper than booking a private tour!

And just in case you need another reason to book a tour with Alkmaar Tours, you get me. Your very own happy Canadian to show you all the wonderful bits about this great city. I recently took a lovely group of expat ladies out who live in Alkmaar (or the area) and I was able to show them places that even they had never seen!

Alkmaar Tours - Small Groups, Maximum Fun!


Alkmaar Tours offers top rated Private and Small Group Tours of Alkmaar’s medieval centre and the famous Alkmaar Cheese Market! For more information on the different tours, please visit the Alkmaar Tours Website.

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