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Dreaming of Spring

January isn’t my favourite month. It’s cold, the wind picks up and its grey. Very, very grey. But, as the month goes on, I start to notice the days are getting just that little bit longer. The florists and market sellers have spring flowers in little pots and tulips and daffodils are for sale. Spring is coming!

A field of tete-a-tete daffodils

And with spring comes my absolute favourite time of year in the Netherlands…..tulip season! I get so excited when I find that first field of flowers. Last year, it was a field of tete-a-tete daffodils. I could see the yellow glowing through the leaf-less trees. Then of course comes the hyacinths which perfume the air so thickly that you can smell them before you can see them! And then….tulips!

Tulip field near Alkmaar

Nothing is more amazing than seeing a tulip field in full bloom. I like to hunt down the fields where there is no one else around. The fields off the main roads where you can just admire the flowers and take a million photos from every different angle and there isn’t a soul around. Well, maybe a cow or a sheep in a nearby field.

I love doing the tulip cycling tours. I love cycling with people along the beautiful Dutch countryside and seeing their excitement and amazement when they see the fields. Even I take photos. Every time. Every field. It is impossible not to!

Book an Alkmaar Tours Tulip and Spring Flowers Bike Tour and experience these amazing fields. I only do small group tours, so you won’t be in a large group or lost in the pack. You will get some incredible shots and make all your friends back home extremely jealous – and we will have fun doing it!

Check out some photos:

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